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What’s Ahead

Prodigal God – The Album

Our first offering is complete and awaits your ear. Two elegantly packaged CDs, featuring 23 songs and bits of connective narration from the mouth of the elder son, lead you on an hour and a half excursion into the prodigal world.

Prodigal God – The Story

Next up is an audio script companion to the double CD, featuring Morris Ertman as the storyteller. Hear the story of two polar opposite brothers who vie for their father’s affection and resources, only to create a mess for themselves and everybody they have ever known. Due Summer 2011.

Prodigal God – The Musical

The script for the full-length musical, including all musical and vocal arrangements, will be made available to theatre companies equipped to bring this story to vivid, physical life at a playhouse near you.

Prodigal God – The Film

The creative team will focus its next energies toward imagining and capturing a film version of the story and songs. A worldwide web premiere will initiate the opportunity for you to get your hands on your own copy of the DVD, so that you can watch it as many times as you like. (We’d be lying to put a date on this, but it’s looking hopeful for a film shoot in the coming 18 months.)

Prodigal God – The Concert

We wouldn’t feel like our dream is complete until Brian and his band could share what he and Christopher have created, in real time, and in the same physical space with as many of you as possible. Maybe 2015 or 2020 (!), and only if God opens the way.

Recorded, stage and film versions of Prodigal God will be designed as modules which can be pieced together in a variety of ways. For instance, a live band could tell the story in tandem with actors on film, or a live company of actors could work in tandem with a band on film. Weʼd welcome professional, amateur, and youth versions of the project, as it will be another fun way to plumb the riches of this wonderful story.

No theme parks are planned at present.

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