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Episode Six – The Story

Friday, September 9th, 2011


It’s the day everybody has been looking forward to. And dreading. His adventure over, the Younger Son returns to Provision with nothing. There’s only one road, and he walks it unswervingly, averting a confrontation with the Elder Brother at work in the drought-ravaged fields. Around the bend, Little Brother meets the reception of his dreams and his nightmares. Not only does the Father run to greet him, but so do the men of the town. The Father overpowers the townsfolks’ thirst for retribution and forsakes his own right to punish his son. To everybody’s surprise, it’s party time. The townsfolk submit and gladly break out the new wine at the Father’s bidding. At dusk, the Elder Brother returns from the fields and delivers a deathblow to all partying and to his father’s honor. The two brothers live in a steely truce for months until the arrival of a baby, when their false peace is broken.

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