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Prodigal God Debut Double Album!!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


We’re delighted to say it’s ready and waiting for you: Prodigal God, a double CD of 23 new songs by Brian Doerksen and Christopher Greco which tell the tale of two brothers and one wastefully extravagant father.

You can plug in immediately through digital download and, in a few days, receive the elegantly designed double CD package with an accompanying libretto booklet. See our SHOP for pricing options (including a free one) which have been crafted to open the way for as many people to get in on the prodigal world immediately.

There are also premium packaging options for folks who want to support Prodigal God’s journey to the screen and stage. We’re looking for strategic traveling companions in locales around the globe to help us bring the show to a theatre near you.

Listening to Prodigal God is a choice for adventure. A choice for the unexpected. A choice to find yourself in someone else’s story. We’re guessing you love to listen to music as much as we do. That’s why we’ve corralled this ancient parable into catchy tunes, thoughtful wordplay, instrumental hooks, and bold performances.

Upon first listen, you’ll notice Prodigal God – The Album offers a different listening experience than you might be used to.

First, there’s story which drives the songs. Familiar and not. You’ll sense that each song means a bit more than the one before it, and by the end, the sum of the parts offers an extra kick.

Second, most pop projects don’t offer such cohesive diversity. Within the first 5 songs you’ll hear 7 different singers, each with their own unique sound. This eclecticism comes out of character and relationship and, if we’ve done our job well, offers you multiple layers and points of view from which to experience the story. Especially upon multiple listens.

The score offers a wasteful extravagance of musical styles. Ron Kenoly shares his trademark crackly R&B depths, with a playful horn section thrown in. MARIKA and Colin Janz make pop sparks fly, each with their own very personal sound. Thanks to world musician Boris Sichon, you’ll feel touches of the exotic and ancient.

The last distinctive of this album lies in the story gaps between the songs. There are pivotal moments of this story which are entirely missing on the recording: dialogue scenes, monologues, fights, and dance breaks. Listening to the album might feel like working a big jigsaw puzzle.

In short, it’s a musical. Like most cast recordings, ours is designed to maintain its freshness and relevance five, ten or even twenty years from now. For those who are used to listening to original cast recordings, you’ll know what to do and when to do it. For others, this might be a first adventure. And hopefully not a last.

Welcome to the prodigal world.

You can help spread the word by passing on our social media press release here:

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  1. I downloaded the music today


    I haven’t been this turned on by the sacred story set to music since Jesus Christ Superstar

    Comment by richkahuna — October 14, 2010 @ 3:43 am

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